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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Know your Victim!

If anyone is actually going to take notice of my writings, or at the least read them, it probably would help to know a little background information on your humble blogger.
Short of saying my name (though I’m sure you’ll all know who it is) here’s some personal info, statement of my political standing and reasoning behind this blog.
I am The Victim previously known as the JZA. What am I a victim of? Many things!
·         The economy that troubles my loved ones.
·         Questions of my masculinity.
·         Random unprovoked physical and verbal attacks.
·         The Government. Every time Amnesty International admonishes “Australians” for the terror that is mandatory detention WE are the victims. Every time Australia goes to aid the imperialist desires of America WE are the victims. Every time the world is sickened by the fascism of the Northern Territories Intervention WE are the victims of association.
I’m not a fucking anarchist! Stop calling me this! My teachers, mates, un-like-minded-individuals use this term as if it were negative. It’s not.
I am a Socialist, that is I believe in the redistribution of wealth, social reforms for; LBGT, Immigrant, and Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islanders, the end of Americanisation of the media, and the end of multinational companies under World Trade fucking over independent small business. 
But enough politics for now.
I’m inspired by music and all kinds of. I listen to mostly Ska, Reggae, Punk and Folk music. My favourite artists are; Rage Against the Machine, Asking for it, Leftover Crack/ Choking Victim, Johnny Hobo, Streetlight Manifesto, Bob Marley, The Clash, Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys, as well as hundreds more… I can find something to like in any genre of music as diverse as Lady Gaga, Intro5pect, NoFX and Send More Paramedics to Wu-Tang-Clan.
My Facebook account will hopefully feature uploads of my acoustic folk-punk/ reggae project, on the basis of me acquiring a half decent acoustic.
As a person I believe that if you do what is right religion is unnecessary, that said I recognize that religion gives people hope and for some people allows them to live with past demons. I can see personal values in Judaism, Islam, Rastafarian and Buddhism.
I am not anti- Australian. This country has been often good to me; I have no reason to complain. I just wish it were as good to other people as it has been for me.
This blog is here due to a necessity for me to telecast what is burning in my head when there is no one around that cares. It is not strictly political or strictly sociological.
This is an amalgamation of my thoughts on life, politics, society, music and whatever the fuck I feel like at any given time.
Cheers friends.
P.S. I’m currently doing yr 12 so this is unlikely to get updated on a regular basis at least to a good quality. This is my first blog so I’m cautiously aware of teething problems and/or the chance this will die off or be forgotten in due time.  

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